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Saving the lives of stray animals by providing them with nutritious food. 61,999 animals fed to date till March 2024.

Life on earth is more than just humankind. Along with human beings, a vast variety of animals and plants depend on Mother Earth for their survival. The pandemic has affected these lives equally, if not worse.

The infrastructural development in urban and semi-urban areas has made the lives of these animals depend on us humans. The strays in metropolitan cities and urban areas largely depend on food handed over to them by animal lovers, scavenged from the streets or trash cans. Some animal lovers also provide food for their neighborhood cats and dogs.

The COVID-19 lockdown not only made these strays go hungry for days but also made them susceptible to various kinds of diseases. They struggled to find food and water to survive, as the people who fed them couldn't leave their houses. Understanding the depth of this situation, Child Help Foundation, in partnership with ‘Street Animals’, began feeding stray animals in the Mira Bhayandar stretch in Thane District.

In these times, when human survival has become difficult, the plight of the voiceless strays has become unimaginable. Many of them are finding it difficult to survive and are ending up losing their lives to hunger and thirst.

Many strays in the Mira-Bhayandar belt often scavenge for food in dustbins or garbage. CHF is aware of the problems faced by stray animals; hence, it was decided to feed the strays to keep them healthy and away from many diseases.

In the year 2019-20, Child Help Foundation started this new initiative to become the 'Voice Of Voiceless' animals and started feeding stray animals. The feeding program hopes to lessen the human-animal conflict and provide nutritious food to animals.

Our animal feeding program also extends to rescuing abandoned dogs and sheltering them. The volunteers try to provide them with medical support in consultation with veterinarians. Our mission is to ensure that all strays are vaccinated, and none of them go to sleep hungry.

With restaurants shut down for eating out, and people locked in the house, CHF wants to make the survival of the strays easier by providing them with necessities like water, food, and shelter. Being the most intelligent beings on the planet, it is we who must take charge of helping our fellow animals and saving them.

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